Monnik is an interdisciplinary research collective working at the interface of culture, technology and consciousness. The work of Monnik concentrates on how persons and society need to reconfigure or reassess their relationship with their self-constructed modern world.

The Monnik feed is our stream consciousness consisting of newspaper clippings, dictionary entries, photo's, video etc — we try to tag/color-code everything according the projects we're currently working on

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Daily chart: How shipbuilding has changed over the past 100 years
"And that was the first meaning of the derive. It was done first in Amsterdam, using walkie-talkies. There was one group that went to one part of the city and could communicate with people in another area."
Lefebvre on the Situationists: An Interview
Lefebvre on the Situationists: An Interview
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Situationist International (Docu)
The End of Work | Open Source with Christopher Lydon
"3-D Printers Are No Rival for Mass Production"
3-D Printers Are No Rival for Mass Production -
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